Woman Cooks Noodles While Dancing, Video Goes Viral

Many netizens on the internet were surprised after seeing a woman cooks noodles while dancing. The way she cooks and dances together professionally has astonished a lot of people. Video like this come once a while. Foodies on social media started sharing it with other as a must watch video. The video has gained millions of views.

Check out the video here :

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The video shows a woman dancing to a world-famous song called “Gangnam Style” while cooking noodles at the same time. A crowd can be seen surrounded here to watch the performance. She starts off with small movements to the song. After 5 seconds into the video, she starts spinning the wok around her very quickly. She does not drop even a single noodle from the wok. While dancing, she spins it up and down without even looking at it. People in the crowd watched in amazement while others record the performance. After a while of spinning, she puts down the wok and dances around for a while. Then she takes the wok and throws the noodles into the air while the fire burns it directly.

This video was shared by a Twitter handle “Hunder_Surprise” where the video went viral. The video gained over 9 million views on Twitter alone. Many people commented on her brilliant skills in dancing as well as cooking. Many were surprised at how it was possible. The pan(wok) is a very heavy cooking utensil so it would be very hard for her to spin it around perfectly.

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