Woman Dies After Getting Stuck Between Car Door and Tree

A 45-year-old woman from Bengaluru has died on the spot after her car accidentally reversed, causing her to smash against a tree nearby. The incident has occurred in Bengaluru’s Sadashivanagar. It happened in the nearby colony street. A CCTV has recorded the whole incident on how the disaster has occurred.

Check out the video here :

The video shows the woman standing outside her car and doing something. The car suddenly reverses back. The car door pushes her against a tree. She is seen stuck in the position for a while. Her head can be seen stuck between the car door and the tree causing extreme injuries. Her neighbors spotted her after a while and tried to rescue her. She was taken to a hospital but was declared brought dead.

The local traffic police have registered it as a “self accident” case. The reason why the car went back is because she forgot to put the handbrakes. That caused the car to slide back as it was a slope. The police officer said that this was an unusual incident as it is the first time, something like this has occurred. Her head was crushed by the force from the car door. She has a husband and a child as well. The reason for starting the car was to take it out once a while during the pandemic.


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