Woman From Chennai Dies After Stepping On Live Wire

35 year old Alima was walking near her home in Pulianthope, when she accidently stepped on a live wire and died due to electrocution.

She was a resident of Periyar Nagar in Chennai. The snapped wire was fallen on the road and covered a little by the floodwater. Even after multiple complaints, the live wire was not removed.

Watch the video here :

In the CCTV video captured, she can be seen walking carefully in the flood water which covered most of the road. The video shows her trying to avoid motorists and the puddle. Then she bends down to pick some random object. Just after picking it up, she steps on the live wire and immediately falls down due to electrocution. Bystanders don’t seem to understand what happened to the woman.

The residents of the colony where the incident has occurred say that they had given multiple complaints to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for them to repair the snapped wire but no action was taken according to them. Many parts of the city have been flooded with water due to the continuous rains in Chennai since Sunday.

One person has said that they called the department and told them that a woman has died due to the live wire, but no proper response was given by them.

Another resident said that he called the department three times to ask them to turn off the main supply to make sure Alima was still alive and could be saved by them. It is risky to go to her while she was near the live wire. Those who help might get caught as well and succumb to it.

Even after calling the department, an Ambulance came to the incident area after two whole hours, according to a resident.

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Former Employee Nagaswamy has told the Media”This is very sad news and there is a responsibility to safeguard people. The live wire was snapped very easily, which means it is due to carelessness. A slab should be placed before laying the electric lines. There is also a lack of monitoring from the contractor’s side.

Many people on social media are showing their anger towards the government officials who did not do their job properly and caused the death of an innocent woman.

One user wrote “This so scary… There’s only value of the people who is Politicians and rich… Saddest thing in India.. this is so so so sad.. RIP”

Another user wrote “Saddest incident,negligence of of government electric r corporation electric department failure”

According to a survey in 2016, 9606 people have died due to electrocution in a single year in India. While most of them are accidental, only a few of them are homicidal or suicide as they are very rare. An article by Times of India in 2020 shows that 30 people die each day due to electrocution in India.

“This is just one of the many electrocution accidents that occur each day in India. Alima’s Death had nothing to do with her. It was the carelessness of the officials and the department which caused her death” by a resident.

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