Woman Runs Over a Child In China

A CCTV footage has been doing rounds on the internet where a child is seen running into the street and falling under a car coming in the opposite direction. The woman stops after a while when the kid is under the car. She gets out of the vehicle to find the child stuck in a horrific state. The child was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. He was lucky to survive the incident.

Watch the video here :

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The CCTV video shows two children running across the road as a black car approaches at moderate speed. The kid goes straight and hits the car’s rim and falls down. The woman does not see the kid as it was not in the line of sight. She runs over the child and then stops the car. She gets out of the car to go and check it out. To her horror, she finds the child screaming in pain from the immense pressure of the car. The other child goes back to call for help.

A lot of people come to help her, all of them lift the car to remove the child from under. They immediately take the child to the hospital for multiple fractures and a concussion. The child was rescued and requires months of treatment. Many people on the spot blamed the parents for not looking over the children from running far away.

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