Woman stops Karva Chauth shopping & beats up girl who called her ‘aunty’, Video Goes Viral

A video has been doing rounds on social media where a group of women beats up a girl for calling one of the women “aunty”. The incident took place in the middle of a market in Uttar Pradesh. A policewoman tries to stop them from beating up each other but fails to do so. A bystander records all of this happening while the women were engaged in Karva Chauth shopping.

Watch the video here :

In the video, we can see 3-4 women beating up a girl in a light blue colored dress. The girl is seen trying to defend herself from the angry women. This happened while the women were Karva Chauth shopping. A few bystanders try to help the girl but fail in doing so. A policewoman enters the quarrel and stops the two from pulling at each other’s hair. The women exchange a few abusive words. They fight even after the police try to stop them from fighting.

At the end, we see the police woman successfully stopping the women from fighting but the woman start swearing at each other. All this has occurred because the girl accidentally called one of the women “aunty”

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One thought on “Woman stops Karva Chauth shopping & beats up girl who called her ‘aunty’, Video Goes Viral

  • November 4, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Humanity comes to the end 😠


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