Woman Thrown Into Mixer In Construction Site

One should always stay at a safe distance from a construction area since danger can be present at any side. Serious injuries can take place if people are careless while others are working. A similar incident took place where a woman stood in the middle of a construction site while a crane throws her into a mixer along with sand. One of the workers noticed and saved her in time.

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The video shows the woman standing in the center of a construction worksite. The vehicles are seen carrying sand around. The video was recorded by a nearby CCTV camera. One of the crane drivers does not see the woman and runs into her. The vehicle carries her and picks up sand and throws it into the mixer along with her. The woman can be seen struggling to get out from the sand with her hands out.

Another worker notices the woman missing and stops all the operations. They get to her on time and take her to the hospital. No major injuries were reported. A case has been filed against the crane driver.

Read: Woman Thrown Into Mixer In Construction Site

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