Woman Throws Puppy At Stranger After Argument. Video Goes Viral

A shocking video was recorded by a rapper where a woman throws a puppy at him harshly after exchanging words. The white woman was caught on video while doing the act. This happened on October 9th, 2020 in Los Angeles. A rapper named Glo Mula recorded the video on his phone.

Check out the video here :
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In the video, we see the woman threatening the rapper. She does not let the man pass by. She stops him in his path while holding a puppy in her hands. He asked the woman ” Why you holding the dog like that?” and she keeps on pacing around him. Glo Mula asks the woman if she was on any kind of drugs due to her intense state. She tries to assault him multiple times but the rapper moves away. She blocked him from entering his vehicle. During the video, she brings up “mafia” and “USA”. She directly says to the man’s face that he’s black. While she showed her racism, the rapper keeps on laughing at her and the incident.

After a while, he asks her if the dog is hers or not. The woman throws the puppy on him with force. The dog falls to the ground and can be seen crying from the pain. The rapper stops her from hurting the puppy and takes it away. The woman slowly leaves him with the dog.

After reporting her to the cops, he kept the dog to himself and started raising the puppy.

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What do you think about the incident? Should she be punished? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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