Worker’s Head Crushed By Machine In Factory Accident

Safety regulations are very important for every employee to follow in a factory. This is to make sure no accidents take place with can cause severe injuries or death to them. A similar incident took place where a man is seen putting his head under a pressing machine to check it. His head gets crushed by the machine. He was taken to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

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The video shows the employees working in the factory. The video was recorded by the CCTV camera present in the factory. After pressing items for a while, the man puts his head under the machine to check on them. The machine presses down at the same time, crushing his head. The machine knob does something on his head but stops. The people nearby rushed to help him. The man was unconscious by the time he was removed from the machine.

He was immediately taken to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival. Accidental death has been reported by the local police. It is not known why he checked under in the first place.

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