Youtuber Donates $50,000 To Streamers with 0 Viewers

A famous YouTuber known as Mr. Beast has done a new video where he donated almost $50,000 to random streamers who had less or no viewers at all. He is known for giving out money to people for no reason. Helped poor people by giving out groceries and stuff to them. He is located in North Carolina, USA. The video has gone viral after many people loved the expressions of those people who received the money.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows him and his friend in a place checking for streamers online who have no viewers. They find one person but could not donate him money since he did not have a donation page set up. Next, he gives $9999.99 to a gamer who had no viewers at all. The guy freaks out as he got a huge amount of money for no reason. Similarly, he gives another 10 grand to a kid streamer who was playing the popular mobile game “Among Us”. The kid does not understand at first what just happened. Then he starts to freak out as the famous Youtuber was watching his stream.

He also donates money to a girl streamer who was just streaming her trip to the supermarket. He donated $2000 to her and she does not believe it. She thanks him for the money and goes to buy something she needed. Mr. Beast randomly gives money to streamers every few days just so he could help them. People love the fact that he does this with nothing in return.

You can check out his channel here

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