YouTuber Pranks Animals With Fake Tiger. Video Goes Viral

A Youtuber from Thailand who has a very big fan following on Youtube is doing pranks on animals by placing a fake tiger behind them when they are not looking. The crazy pranks have raked in millions of views because of the unique reactions of the animals. Many of the animals were surprised at seeing the tiger so close to them. In the video, the Youtuber has done it to monkeys and dogs. The prank took place in some kind of park.

Check out the Prank Here :

The video shows a fake tiger covered with a green sheet and there were fruits on the ground near the tiger. Hoping for the monkeys to come near. Some of the monkeys take the sweets. When one came near, the Youtuber removes the sheet, revealing the tiger. The monkey runs in fear from the place. Similar reactions were done on different monkeys and well as dogs. The Youtuber does these kinds of videos on his channel.

Each video the Youtuber posts gets millions of views as he has a very huge fan base all over the world. The subscriber count is hidden for his channel. But the community shows that he got a lot of subscribers. This video has gone so viral to get the highest number of views of 6.7 million views.

What made this Youtuber unique is that he feeds the animals at the end of the video after scaring them. This created a lot of affection towards the good thing done by the Youtuber.

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