Drunk Man Gets Electrocuted

An incident took place where a drunk man is seen climbing onto a generator as people watch. The man gets onto it and sits on the ledge. The man suddenly explodes and gets electrocuted by the generator. The police filed a case as accidental death.

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The video was recorded by one of the people nearby on their mobile phones. The man slowly climbs onto the generator and sits on it. He suddenly gets electrocuted and the generator explodes. The man did not survive the incident.

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Top Artificial Intelligence Courses In 2021

There are many artificial intelligence courses to choose from across the world. Some of them are more devoted to the application rather than the subject knowledge. Here are some of the top artificial intelligence courses to study in 2021. These are all the best of the best colleges and universities to forward your future in technology.

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Best Artificial Intelligence Courses

1. AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng

This Artificial Intelligence Course from Andrew Ng is to a great extent non-specialized and is planned for the people who don’t have to learn top to bottom details of AI yet who wish to figure out how to utilize AI in their associations or carry out AI drives or work with an AI group. It is additionally a superb course for designers, software engineers, and individuals with specialized foundations to get familiar with the business parts of AI. Exceptionally educative and itemized first off know nothing about man-made brainpower.

2. Master the Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning

LinkedIn Learning is offering a learning way containing a series of short courses to achieve dominance in the establishments of man-made brainpower and AI. These courses are intended to show the ideas and future bearings of advances in man-made consciousness and AI. They furnish students with the information…

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